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Franchise Bouquet

Franchise Bouquet started with the motto of serving the multiple interests of entrepreneurs in the franchise industry and guides them to grow their business. We augment the brand quality with well-organized business model, to formulate the business into a perfect choice for investors, who are seeking to buy a franchise.

Under the aegis of Jalsa Ventures Pvt Ltd – Online integrated franchise Solutions Company, the website provides information to entrepreneurs/investors on aspects of franchising, franchise opportunities, franchising solutions, business opportunities, partnerships, dealers, manufacturing, distribution, retail and much more. has new & unique business opportunities in Domestic and International market. For our patrons who look for opportunities, we have different features in our website various spectrum of sections like Insight section for Industry articles and stories, Video section for Company profile and the News section which offers a daily dose of what’s happening in franchising across the world. also provides a chance to promote and create the awareness of brand directly on the social network websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

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Cambridge Montessori Pre School

With a strong economy and the desire to see children do well in life, In India, parents have always strived for the best of the education. Now going to the preschool or the informal setup to make the toddlers comfortable for the educational journey forward, has been picking steam and becoming a standard norm across the country. This is indeed a very large and challenging business environment where the educational enterprises have to create a product mix, which can deliver an international standard curriculum, supported by extensive research, training the human resources and creating child friendly infrastructure and finally at a cost, majority of people can afford.

Cambridge Montessori Pre School works with international experts, creates world class curriculum to place our students at par with the best of the schools across the globe, strong parents teachers integrations and technology support to ensure zero error on safety, security and hygiene standards. The environment is based on Dr. Maria Montessori concept of teaching and learning methodology while focusing on getting them ready for the formal schools. Montessori way of teaching and learning is quite scientific and advanced, where the personal attention is given to each and every child and nurture them into a complete human being. Modules are very scientific, hands on and learning by doing approach and as the child enters the Montessori Lab, he is joyful to see so many educational tools.

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Cambridge Montessori Day Care Centers

With upward movement in economy and job creation, more working couples are joining the mainstream jobs while staying at cities away from home town. They are also staying in a nuclear family and not much support is available for the children post schools. This forces parents either one of the parent to stay at home or find a daycare facility to avoid loss of earning. At Cambridge Montessori Day Care Centre, We have taken care of the requirements of our parents and teachers and creating a facility, which is at par with the best in the world with trained nannies, daycare staff and teachers are taking care of our children. They have well laid down day plan, Food planned by noted nutritionists, and other engagements to ensure healthy, recreational and learning objectives are met.

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Montessori Teacher Training Institute

With the partner Montessori schools and experts from across the globe, the Teacher Training program at Cambridge Montessori is truly international. It is designed in a fashion to ensure best of the practices in Montessori learning system is passed on to the future trainers and teachers. Periodic assessment and interaction by leading International Montessori experts and making students aware about the latest happening in this area across the globe gives them an added advantage in finding better job opportunity anywhere. There are different programs from Diploma to Certificates under Cambridge Montessori Teacher Training institute and it is tailor made to suite the working professional keeping paucity of time in mind.

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Shard Center for Innovation:

This is a great opportunity for people having interest in Drones, Design, AI & Ml and Robotics. Jalsa Ventures is trying to create a centre for excellence in future technology, which will help our students grabbing the future job opportunities.

Our strong industry endorsed programs on communication, personality, skilling and employability helps transforming the lives of students and working professionals. Our experts with excellent expertise in the related fields ensure a transitional change in the way our students come out from these intensive programs. Programs are of different durations and offered at own centers and affiliates. To know more on this, you can mail us at

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 Cambridge Montessori Global School K12 (Higher Secondary)

With rich cumulative experience of the Management and Advisory team in the educational sphere, we are creating our K 12 school of schools with strong foundation of Learning and enabling environment, very strong parents, teachers and students integration to achieve milestones. Professional delivery mechanism and the objective to create a world class facility in terms of infrastructure, pedagogy, international affiliations and associations, exchange program for teachers and students while imbibing Indian value system and age old traditions, will be a key differential from the competition. We will announce the launch of the school soon to help our feeder Cambridge Montessori Pre Schools and the business partners across the country.

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