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Skill & Development Programs
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About Jalsa ventures

Jalsa Ventures Pvt. Limited has been established to cater the gap in our education system, where the entire system is becoming more of a pressure centric than the an educational environment where learning takes place of a greater quality while making the child still fun loving and in celebrations mood. The inherent character of a child is to play in groups, having fun, enjoying moments at school and home under the supervision of the trustees.

Various researches being done across the globe pointing out the faults in respective countries educational setups and Governments are taking corrective measures in taking these challenges head on. As a responsible partner in this space, Jalsa Ventures top priority is to invest in research and find solutions to these burning issues.

Besides education, Jalsa Ventures has diversified interest into technology, real estate and fashion.

The latest addition in the business in the technology platform – catering to franchise marketing and development across globe.

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